Incredibles 2 Review

Incredibles 2 is the perfect successor to the beloved film, The Incredibles. The worst part of Incredibles 2 is two-thirds into the film when you have the realization the movie has to come to an end at some point. Incredibles 2 is pure fun, living up to the massive expectations that comes from a 14-year absence of a much-needed sequel.

The breathtaking animation of the film is very impressive and the quality of it was a big surprise. While the animation keeps the 60’s styling unique to The Incredibles, the animation is amplified from 14 years ago.

The nuances and subtleties of the characters, especially Evelyn Deavor in the way she moved, made it feel like the animated characters were acting just like an actor in a live-action film. The animation of the characters showcased flaws that people have in a realistically subtle way.

Elastigirl and Jack Jack

The voice work for all the characters were simply fantastic and the selection of actors for the characters are superb, creating realistic characters with depth. My personal favorite was Holly Hunter as Helen/Elastigirl because who can forget Hunter’s unique voice paired with the character of Elastigirl; just hearing Elastigirl brought back fond childhood memories of watching The Incredibles.

The animation also showcases an impressive use of Elastigirl’s powers and the variation of Jack Jack’s powers, which do not disappoint. A majority of the ad campaign teased Jack Jack’s powers and the movie lives up to the promises given to the audience.

While there are not many surprises in Incredibles 2, there is utter joy in watching the unfolding of the story, spending more time with characters that viewers have missed for years, fascinating new characters, and the magnificent animation

The Incredible Family

Incredibles 2 is also a real depiction of a modern family, dealing with both superhero issues and modern family issues. A subtle message of the film is not only the importance of being a hero out in the world, but being a hero at home, something that Mr. Incredible quickly learns when he takes over for Elastigirl while she is out saving the day. Also, Violet’s sub-plot of her boy trouble with Tony is hilarious and it is weaved together into the story beautifully.

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first film left off, catapulting the viewer into fond memories and a new fun adventure. Brad Bird is truly back where he belongs and hopefully, Incredibles 3 comes much sooner than 14 years later.