Avengers: Infinity War Review

This is a movie that has been ten years in the making. For all the Marvel fans out there and even the casual ones, we know how long we have waited for this moment. Could Marvel really do it? Could Marvel really take all of their most popular characters and adapt the Infinity War storyline into an epic two-part movie that everyone and their mother would go see?

The answer is yes and quite successfully, in fact.

After the success and critical acclaim of Black Panther, my favorite movie of the year so far and one of my top ten movies of all time, fans were just foaming at the mouth to go see Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, a film that has been in the making for years.

avengers infinity war characters.jpeg

Avengers: Infinity War is a film that is riddled with surprising moments and spoilers that were somehow kept under wraps. It’s a film that when leaving the theater, I immediately wanted to run and tell a friend or five what happened. The film is riddled with spoiler after spoiler after spoiler. The number of spoilers, shocks, and surprises in Avengers: Infinity War is astounding. Avengers: Infinity War is purely shock and awe, which is surprising in a time where someone can find out all spoilers of a film before it even hits theaters.

I would describe Avengers: Infinity War as a thrill ride to experience over and over again.

When the film ended and the screen went black, my jaw dropped because I couldn’t believe that the film was over. It went by so fast, I really felt like it had only been an hour or so.


Finally, the MCU has a impressive group of villains; every time that one of my favorite characters went up against Thanos and the Black Order, I was truly afraid for their lives. Especially since it was a clear message of the film that there were finally going to be true deaths of some characters and true repercussions. So everytime a character went up against a member of the Black Order, I was afraid I was not going to see them again. Which is fantastic because Marvel villains have always been a weak point in the MCU. Most villains in the MCU either turn into anti-heroes like Loki or just don’t truly feel like a threat in the big picture like Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. (And don’t even get me started on The Mandarin in Iron Man 3.)

Thanos is strongly highlighted in this film, in a way that a villain has not been highlighted in a Marvel film before, excluding Killmonger in Black Panther. Much of the film is Thanos’ backstory and his relationship with Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. I find that Thanos’ motivations for his actions can essentially be dumbed down to population control at its worst. But I appreciate that Marvel has discovered that line between a villain with motivations (albeit, correct or not) and a sympathetic anti-hero.

captain america.jpg

Of course, I have to say that the best part of Avengers: Infinity War is seeing my favorite characters finally come together. With films like Avengers and Captain America: Civil War, fans have already been treated to seeing characters like Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker, and Thor come together. But this time, characters from Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy get to join the fun. And seeing characters like Tony Stark and Dr. Stephen Strange interchange witty remarks and Steve Rogers and King T’Challa interact truly felt like a gift I didn’t know how much I truly wanted until it happened.

It has to be remembered that Avengers: Infinity War is truly just one half of a two-parter film. The first half was all the shock, awe, and adrenaline of a rollercoaster ride and hopefully, the second half will be the resolution and answers that fans are looking for while still keeping them on the edge of their seats.   

Destiny Ricks