And the Winner of Comic Con Is...


Well, Marvel, of course.

Even without trailers or any footage released to the public, Marvel still blew the roof off of Hall H. They did exactly what I wanted: they showed up and showed out with their Phase Four presentation. 

But I still wanted to go over who made the biggest impression at Comic Con and this year, it’s not just the movies. Last year, I only ranked the movie trailers because there were so many and they made the biggest impression. But this year, TV trailers and news had as much impact as the movies, especially since a lot of movie studios decided to sit out of Hall H (I’m looking at you, DC.)

But before I get to what I loved, I have to mention what fell flat for me and what didn’t quite make my top list.

Dishonorable Mentions

The Walking Dead

  • Disclaimer: I am not a Walking Dead fan, comics or the TV show. But the Walking Dead showed up with an announcement that the film will be in theaters, instead of airing on AMC. But there was no first look, no featurette, not even a teaser trailer. This is COMIC CON. The announcement could have been made as a regular press release and made waves. Not impressed by this.


  • Sorry Cats fan, but this trailer is just ridiculous. So ridiculous that it’s become a meme over the last two weeks. The cats look so strange: a weird mixture of practical catsuits with digital face replacements. And I couldn’t even listen to Jennifer Hudson’s beautiful voice because the trailer was too distracting. This is what they chose to adapt over Wicked? I’m appalled.

Honorable Mentions

Top Gun: Maverick

  • Personally, not a major Top Gun fan. But I’m impressed that Tom Cruise showed up at Comic Con, with a trailer to back him up. And the trailer peaked my interest.

21 Bridges

  • Chadwick Boseman: the actor that gets nearly every film project. I’m only partially kidding, by the way. This film was already on my radar and after this trailer, I’m sold. Boseman as a cop that hunts down cop killers? The Russo brothers, of MCU fame, as producers? Where’s my popcorn and where’s my wallet? I’m ready to see this.

Now, here’s my rankings of both the major TV and movie presentations from Comic Con:

#4: Warner Bros. : IT Chapter Two

  • I loved the final IT trailer Warner Bros. released; it increased my already high excitement for the film. It won the first day of Comic Con for me. But it ultimately takes the lowest spot on this list since it wasn’t a major announcement or the first trailer for a new movie, like the other rankings I have here, as you’ll see.

#3: Netflix : The Witcher

  • The trailer for The Witcher premiered at Comic Con and I was supremely happy. I’ve been waiting for a trailer ever since I heard Henry Cavill would star. While the trailer peaked my interest (and made me wonder if I should read the books since my knowledge comes from the video games), I just wished Henry Cavill, the star, was featured more. As a teaser trailer, I would have called for a more mysterious, character-focused trailer on Geralt, Cavill’s character. And still no release date for the show. Come on Netflix, you have me interested, but when am I getting this?

#2: HBO : Watchmen

  • HBO has so much good content coming to us soon. Both the Watchmen and His Dark Materials trailers impressed me, but I had to go with Watchmen. Probably because I’m a fan of the comics and Regina King. When a Watchmen series was first announced for HBO, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this looks like not only a good comic book adaptation, but purely good television.

comic con logos.jpg

#1: Marvel

  • Now to the #1, which of course, is Marvel. Honestly, TV would have dominated Comic Con, if it wasn’t for Marvel’s Hall H presentation. And what’s so impressive is that Marvel didn’t need any trailers or first looks to make a splash. They have so much on the slate for Phase Four that I had to write my own breakdown of the news, which you can read here. Eternals, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, Thor, Doctor Strange, AND the Disney+ shows like WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. PLUS Mahershala Ali was announced as Blade for Phase Five. Right now, it’s Marvel’s world and we’re all just living in it.