The Best Moments from Avengers: Endgame

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With the Blu-ray release of Avengers: Endgame today and the film becoming the highest-grossing film of ALL TIME, finally unseating Avatar, I wanted to sit down and write about my favorite moments from the film. The things that made me laugh, cry (and trust me, I cried A LOT), and made me fall in love with the MCU even more.

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10. Professor Hulk

The Hulk has never been a favorite character of mine, but I loved him in this movie and I loved his portrayal of Professor Hulk: the brains of Bruce Banner and the brawn of the Hulk finally combined. It made me enjoy the character in a way I never had before, even more than in Thor: Ragnarok.

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9. Pepper Potts is Rescue

For years, I wondered if the MCU’s Pepper Potts would ever take the mantle of Rescue. After Iron Man 3, I doubted it. And part of me was fine with that because I love Pepper Potts as the witty, practical CEO she is: the yin to Tony’s yang. But once I saw her land next to Tony in her PURPLE suit, I was ecstatic. And she wasn’t there just to look pretty; she was efficient, competent, and she kicked ass.

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8. Tony talks to his father

I thought this was such a sweet moment in the film, especially due to Tony’s estranged relationship with his father. Tony traveling back in time and having a conversation with Howard Stark on fatherhood before Howard actually became a father was a tug on the heartstrings.

america's ass.gif

7. America’s Ass

Do I even need to explain this one? I’m glad that the MCU finally acknowledged a truth we all already knew.

avengers assembled.gif

6. Avengers Assembled

Finally, finally, FINALLY! The MCU has been teasing us the “Avengers, assemble” line for years. We finally heard Steve say it and at the perfect moment: with all the Avengers truly assembled, from all the films we know and love in the MCU.

A force assembled.gif

5. A-Force Assembled

Not surprisingly, some people thought this moment was just pandering to female fans. But I think those people just don’t know the true homage here. So let me educate you. To me, this moment is an Easter egg for the A-Force, the all-female Avengers team led by She-Hulk. But I have a slight bone to pick. I also loved this moment because I truly didn’t realize the number of female characters in the MCU. And who’s fault is that? Marvel. We’re going into Phase Four and only one film focused solely on a female character (Captain Marvel, a medium film at best) and Wasp had to share a film with Ant-Man.

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4. Captain America Picks Up Mjolnir

One of my favorite things about Avengers: Endgame is the numerous callbacks and answered questions. After Avengers: Age of Ultron, many fans, including me, asked the question: can Steve potentially pick up Mjolnir after slightly moving it at the after party? Well, yes, he can. My audience went nuts when this happened, and I loved it.

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3. Black Widow’s Sacrifice

And now, the tears. I love Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and while I was expecting a few important character deaths, I was truly unprepared for this one. And I call it a sacrifice because that’s what it was to me; after the film, I think a lot of people tried to discredit this as “why did the female character have to die?” But breaking this down into female vs. male isn’t warranted to me. Natasha is a part of a TEAM, a team where any of the members would sacrifice themselves because that’s the JOB. She didn’t do it for the glory, she wasn’t fridged (a term where a female character is killed for the sake of a male character’s development), and I thought it was beautiful that Natasha went from a character who only cared about herself as a spy to someone who would sacrifice herself for others. 

...But I have another small bone to pick. I think it’s ridiculous that we’re finally getting a Black Widow movie after her death. I know a lot of people who love Black Widow, like myself, but some MCU fans don’t know and love Natasha because the MCU has done an inadequate job developing her backstory to fans who don’t read the comics.

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2. Cap and Peggy Finally Have Their Dance

Here it comes, more tears. In the theater, it actually surprised me that I cried as much as I did at this moment. But I love Steve Rogers and I thought it was great that he finally got his happy ending. As a “man out of time”, Steve has constantly been fighting in different battles and wars, never truly at peace, never truly satisfied with the current era. And he finally got his dance with his best girl.

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1. “I am Iron Man.”

Waterfalls. I’m not exaggerating. When Tony Stark snapped his fingers, saved the universe, and succumbed to his injuries, I cried at the movie theater, I cried while I drove home, and I cried while I was talking about the movie with my friend. When I got home, I saw that I still had my Marvel movies out with Iron Man at the top of the stack, and I cried AGAIN. I love Tony Stark and if you don’t know, Iron Man is one of my top three MCU films. “I am Iron Man”: not only a callback to the ending of the first Iron Man film, but a simple, short phrase to sum up a man who was more than just his suit. Love you 3000, Tony.