Ocean's 8 Review

Ocean’s 8 is a movie that is fun at times and forgettable at most. While Ocean’s 8 is in the genre of ‘heist comedy’, surprisingly, the movie is not very funny. It’s shocking because Sandra Bullock is a very gifted comedian, but the script of this film did not do her any favors.

sandra bullock.jpg

The best part of the film is the beginning, where they showcase Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie Ocean, and how she runs her scams, which are very clever and very posh at the same time and the scams brought a few laughs from the crowd. But for a while, the laughs stopped there because assembling the crew just took too long and it was the most uninteresting part of the film.

The heist was the best part of the film. Not only because of the intelligence and cleverness that goes into how they pull off the heist, but the location of the Met Gala was a fun and interesting setting. When it comes to message, something refreshing about the film was the way it depicted women as wanting money simply for themselves and to achieve their own dreams, not as being motivated by family or romantic interests.

With that being said, strong roles for women don’t mean anything if they exist in a bubble, meaning that any form of media needs both strong roles for women and men. The trend of rebooting a movie with a cast of all women, gender-bending previous male roles, or highlighting female characters over male characters needs to end because it doesn’t benefit either gender in terms of representation. And for a movie that is so proud to highlight women, it’s very bad that the entrance of James Corden is a much needed breath of fresh air when he shows up in the last act.

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Ocean’s 8 has an all-star cast, but the cast is too big and there is not enough room for all the ladies to shine. Overall, the characters are a little too muted. Cate Blanchett’s role was too small and her wardrobe outshines her own character. The only two stand-outs in the film other than James Corden, were Sandra Bullock and surprisingly, Anne Hathaway. Bullock is a stand-out simply because she has the most screen time and she is the mastermind behind the heist. But Hathaway was a delight to behold; she delivered a very self-aware performance, embracing the caricature of her outlandish role.

Simply, this movie needs a co-writer. There is no shame in having a co-writer. While this movie has a good beginning and a satisfying ending, the meat of the movie is just too slow and the cleverness in the beginning and ending should have been sewn throughout the movie. Ocean’s 8 is definitely not a must-see movie, but if you’re looking for a movie because you’ve seen everything else, or you need something to watch on a plane or in a hotel, this is the movie. I honestly can’t justify seeing this in a movie theater.