About Behind the Reel


Welcome to Behind the Reel-- a blog dedicated to all things movies. Here you’ll find film reviews with a fresh perspective on the movie industry. This is not a place where movies are graded from A to D, or given 1 to 5 stars. Instead, all films are given the same treatment, whether it’s an Oscar film or a money-guzzling blockbuster. At Behind the Reel, films are never taken at face value, rather they are examined with new eyes.

Hopefully, after visiting Behind the Reel, you’ll leave with a new outlook on films and how you examine them.

I am Destiny and welcome to my blog.


About Destiny

Aspiring to inspire others through her film reviews, Destiny Ricks is a Miami-based film critic with a fresh new perspective on movies. Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, she is anything but the typical Southern Belle. Although she loves a glass of sweet tea, Destiny is a self-proclaimed nerd, a lover of comic books and video games. Destiny always grew up with a love for reading and writing; in her sophomore year of high school, she discovered the film industry and film criticism. Film criticism became a way for Destiny to combine her two loves: writing and movies.